04 Aug

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Project Description

Our aim is to develop a support technology for a social media platform based on digital preservation (GEPiD), thus contributing to the socialization of memories through digital support, with the convenient gamification of personal and family memories.

Personal digital preservation is currently a chaotic handicraft process, poorly covered in the market. One of the main problems detected in the digital preservation field is the lack of software tools allowing preservation actions for digital objects stored in computers such as texts, data, graphics, still and moving images, sound recordings, computer programs, etc. We speak from an informed perspective: there are no simple or automatic solutions for digital preservation available to consumers, and this is the main focus of the project.

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Project Details

Specifically, the project benefits from the asset of crowdsourcing produced by the gamification of a preservation process requiring a high degree of human involvement initially, giving way later to the preservation technology capable of developing autonomously. For this purpose we will make use of the powerful and deeply rooted social media.

Therefore, gamification of the personal digital preservation solves appraisal-related problems (regarding what is important to preserve) of metadata (by managing feedback upon which information on entities, subjects, objects, actions and temporalities about the digital object is extracted). Lastly, it also solves problems of format upgrade/migration in order to prevent digital obsolescence.

We are dealing here with an innovative strategy in the field of digital preservation. The approach not only uses the cloud or the methods and techniques of artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the integrity and accessibility of the digital content, but also involves socializing and integrating digital preservation tasks in the individual behavior. Thus, users themselves can add comments, organize, prioritize and preserve their own contents and make them available in the cloud which is designed not only to save and share content but also to offer intelligent functions of digital preservation.

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