ASKS – Advanced Social Knowledge Search

04 Aug

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Project Description

THE AUTOMATED SOCIAL SEARCH. Citizens are constantly looking for information in the internet, and the most usual way to do it is by using searchers like Google or Yahoo. But these search engines are becoming more inefficient, especially because of the great volume of available information, the absence of semantics in the web and the business that lies in these searchers (strategies of search optimization, sponsored links, factories of links…).

For this reason, citizens are losing their trust in current search engines and they use again traditional methods, that is, asking relatives, friends and acquaintances directly. This fact, together with a marked tendency towards everything that is social (social networks, Web 2.0 and so on), makes us think that the automation of this type of social search is vital for future.

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Project Details

Social search is not a new concept. In fact, the search for information has always had a social aspect. In this way, we obtain few answers but when they are given by a trusted person they have high value. The objective of the project ASKS is to automate as much as possible this type of traditional social search in order to minimize the time to get an answer.

Important features that work in this project and that make it possible this automation are the following: multi-agent systems, contact lists, trust and reputation patterns, social networks, knowledge representation and storage, semantic processing of the information, question-answering systems, collaborative learning, tagging and folksonomies.

Every user of the platform ASKS will have a personal agent that will automate both the process of informatics search of the user and the process of answering questions of other users. In spite of the automation, it is necessary to emphasize that answers have been generated by persons and this gives accuracy and reliability to the search.

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