COSO – Smart Social Center

04 Aug

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Project Description

It consists in creating a center of intelligent corporative contact for the customers who interact with the company through social networks and in a totally integrated way with CRM.

It involves the creation of a corporative contact center connected with social networks, the company and their CRM. The software solution offered by program COSO gathers the comments of customers, their questions and complaints in order to offer an automatic answer once these points have been analyzed, taking into account semantic aspects and subjective opinions. This application aims at the improvement of small and medium enterprises’ competitiveness. The solution involves ICTs adapted to the needed management of customers of small and medium enterprises of any sector. It also improves the relations with customers in the social network and encourages its use for commercial relations.

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Project Details

The project will create a tool to gather data from social networks, to extract knowledge and to analyze feelings with the ability to answer in an automatic and customized way. These functions will bring valuable information about how people react to the company’s products. Therefore, it will help the company to improve its strategies and plans to increase its customers’ satisfaction and its profits, and to promote the increase of commercial actions through social networks.

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