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04 Aug

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Project Description

VirCoin2SME projects aims at studying how the business development could be fully deployed around the ecosystem of social networks and virtual currencies, which facilities new exchanges for wealthier communities.
Research objectives to be developed in VirCoin2SME project are:
1. To compare different models of social networks influence on business processes.
2. To analyze the mechanisms behind the adoption of social, complementary or community virtual currencies.
3. To research on the potential impact of digital innovation and alternative currencies development in social, environmental and economic sustainability.
4. To develop two sector-oriented proposals/guidelines (healthcare and tourism) for developing sustainable business models based on the use of complementary and/or virtual currencies.

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Project Details

The previous research objectives will be achieved by implementing a collaborative working scheme where research entities will design the methodology and elaborate final guidelines to develop, according to the actual business scenarios defined and analyzed by the private companies involved in VirCoin2SME, in the two respective sectors that will act as use cases for study and proposals development: healthcare and tourism. Dissemination and communication activities will be designed and developed in parallel to ensure the wider impact of the knowledge generated and to foster new business generation around sustainable models not only in Europe, but internationally.

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