04 Aug

Advance Knowledge of La Caixa Employees’ through queries submitting to a Call Centre

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Project Description

It consists in analysing each employee by interpreting the existing information about queries submitted to the Call Centre. This analysis will show the preferences of each employee about the services offered. It is very useful to predict behaviours and interests and to achieve, therefore, a higher efficiency of preventive and proactive actions.

This project aims at identifying the feelings and the value scale of each employee.

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Project Details

Our technology-based solution is the usage of artificial intelligence, with intelligent agents which act as virtual generators of knowledge. There is an agent for each employee, which learns to interpret all the acts and decisions taken by these employees, evaluating the features that define their preferences. Knowing the reasons that make each employee use and prefer some services better than others and knowing the specificities of these services, we will be able to predict the behaviour and, therefore, know their bias to use a specific service.

The usage of these preference models and the analysis of employees allows us to classify employees, to get to know them and, in a near future, to convince them, in a more effective way, to use more frequently the most economic channels.

We obtain a multi-purpose pattern for each employee, and it can be reused for any survey that the company would like to undertake about any service without having to readapt the pattern.


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