iSAC – Citizens’ Attention Service

04 Aug

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Project Description

ISAC is a virtual, intelligent, interactive and multichannel assistance service for citizens. Citizen assistance consists not only in providing trained people to answer their questions, but also in organising processes and tools to ensure that citizens receive the proper information.

The goal of ISAC is to offer an assistance service to citizens within every administration or company that could need it. To achieve this, this system contains all the needed functional tools to help citizens. It also takes into account all the stages of assistance to citizens, since the information is generated until it reaches citizens from any of the available channels.

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Project Details

For a city council, ISAC is an innovative tool that makes it possible to provide an assistance service for citizens even if there is not a previous telephone or face to face service. Therefore, we can have a more efficient city council and, moreover, the citizenship will have more confidence in it because ISAC will answer their questions directly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The solution involves the development of participative citizenship tools and Web 2.0, the usage of an intelligent search engine that allows citizens to find the answer to their questions without surfing on the internet and by using a CMS within their website with a cloud of keywords.


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