iSAC6+ – A Unique European Citizens’ Attention Service

04 Aug

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Project Description

The project iSAC6+ has the purpose of promoting and implementing an innovative ICT solution that will improve the capacity of different public bodies to answer citizens’ needs and information demands on a European level. The goals are the following:

{list | list-ok} {listing}To improve the answers’ efficiency and capacity of local ASC.{/listing} {listing}To save time, money, stress, and to optimize administrative duties and other resources invested by citizens and companies, especially SMEs, when searching for information about local administration.{/listing} {listing}To work towards a single European information society for everybody, through the implementation of a common strategy on citizens’ attention and information services with several possible scenarios and different ASCs within the European Union.{/listing} {/list} {button-icon | btn-primary | | Project Website | fa-external-link} {/col} {/row}

Project Details

iSAC is an online ASC that has been designed following a citizen-centred approach, i.e., inclusive citizenship and community-centred. Its mission is to satisfy online citizens’ demands by recovering and managing information from existing databases.

Project financed by

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