04 Aug

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Project Description

The intention and ultimate goal of this service is to create a unique and exclusive experience, a long-lasting gift.

It is forever is a web service which allows the user to offer as a gift moments captured in a photograph. In addition, this unique way of giving a present has an added value: all the offered images will be preserved forever. This is made possible by the ongoing research that Centre Easy conducts in the digital preservation field. In this new project we decided to apply these technological advances and transfer them thought It is forever in order to cover this hidden, but nonetheless, important need of preserving photographs.

It is forever works from the web site First, the user chooses a photograph and the occasion to offer the gift. Then, a personalized web space displays the offered photograph and a personal message together with a certificate guaranteeing that the image will be preserved forever and that only the recipient of the gift will get access to it with a private code. If the user chooses to offer a physical package, besides having a personalized web space, the recipient will receive physically at home the photograph in a special carrier material, with the documentation and a guarantee of endlessly preservation under a value of economic loss.

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