DURAFILE partners met to discuss on current status of the project

06 May

Partners discuss on the project development and future tasks in their General Meeting

Last Wednesday, April 29th, DURAFILE partners gathered in Barcelona to discuss on the current status of the prototype and the future activities to be developed during the upcoming months. The main issues tackled were the progress during the last months and the exploitation of the DURAFILE platform. The main developing partners performed some demos to show the functioning of the platform.

DURAFILE platform is a platform made by intelligent agents that exchanges dynamic knowledge and information among them (as a type of social search) with the goal of finding suitable preservation plans for obsolete multimedia digital objects. This represents a complete solution for multimedia digital preservation, flexible and always up-to-date as the information it contains is alive and real time accessible.

The DURAFILE Project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme managed by the European Commission.


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