Pop Movie, the outcome from our HACKATHON

25 Nov

Last spring, TECNIO Centre Easy gathered in a hackathon computer programmers, project managers and graphic designers of the company. The meaning of the word hackathon is hack + marathon. Centre Easy’s goal was to create usable software in a short period of time.

The event started with a brainstorming of ideas from all the staff interested in participating in the hackathon. The purpose was to create a list that of proposals in order to develop the most voted. The selected idea, which won by absolute majority, was to create a movie recommender based on the subtitles. It works as follows: you choose a movie that you like and the software selects and recommends a list of movies that you will probably like. The recommendation is based on the dialogues extracted from the subtitles of the film.

Once selected the idea, they met on 27th March from 02:00 pm to 04:00 am of the next day. It was a marathonian journey to get the first version of the software with a limited database of 30 movies. Centre Easy Hackathon participants named it Pop Movie.

Since that day, the team dedicated some afternoons more to work on the project and trying to get a bigger database. Today, there are over 11.000 movies to compare. Would like to try Pop Movie? You just need to introduce the title of the last movie you really enjoyed watching and a list of 10 recommendations will pop in your screen.

Check out what Pop Movie is about here and give us your opinion!

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