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15 Dec

The 1st Euro-Mediterranean Conference for “Smart Urban Development and Blue Growth Opportunities for Cities, Communities and Islands in the Mediterranean”, will take place in the city of Limassol, CYPRUS on 14th – 16th April 2016.

The conference and exhibition brings together city and regional authorities with industry, SME’s, academics and professionals to present information and ideas for smartness and growth.

Taking into consideration the peculiarities of the Mediterranean coastal cities and communities, such as vulnerability to climate change impacts, economic recession, high valued tourist destinations at a global scale, severe migration trends, city ports opportunities and threats, potential for renewable energy production, water shortage etc., a number of topics would be of interest as themes of the Conference, with a specific focus on smart solutions to deal with these topics. As such can be indicatively considered the following:
• Renewable Energy – Smart Energy Management
• Smart Buildings
• Smart Urban Transport
• Smart Port Management
• Smart Water Resource Management
• Smart Waste Management
• Smart Infrastructure
• Smart Tourist Destinations – Tourism Management – Responsible Tourism
• Smart Culture
• Smart City Marketing & City Branding
• Smart Applications for Natural Risk Management and Resilience in the Mediterranean (floods, earthquakes, drought etc.)
• Smart Environment
• Participation – Smart People – Citizens’ Empowerment
• Quality of Life
• Smart government – New Governance Models
• New Business Models for Smart Urban Development
• Integrated Planning – Spatial Planning – Marine and Urban Planning
• Blue Growth Opportunities – Potential Developments in Coastal Mediterranean Small and Medium-sized Cities and Communities / Island regions
• Smart Islands
• Open Data
• Large Data Management Challenges in the Urban Context

You can share your ideas and present smart opportunities: submit your paper! Papers will undergo a peer review process in order to be considered for publication in a book as well as a journal.

Abstract submission (300 words): to be received by 20th December 2015
Acceptance notification: to be sent by 15th January 2016
Registration and payment: by 30th January 2016
Full paper submission: to be received by 25th March 2016

We look forward to welcoming you at the 1st Euro-Mediterranean conference exhibition!

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