Exchanging knowledge on digital innovation and alternative currencies for business

01 Feb

Secondments based on the exchange of knowledge and cooperative collaboration

Digital social innovation generates a positive ecosystem where business and social development enabled with new behaviors boosted by social, complementary or community currencies deployed as virtual currencies have a great potential for competitiveness, and entrepreneurship, but also for fostering social responsibility in Europe.

The Vircoin2SME project has implemented different secondments among all the partners, involving 10 people and including the following exchanges: UdG to EKOSOS, IDMT to EASY, IDMT to EKOSOS, EKOSOS to IDMT, EASY to UNAB, UNAB to EASY, RES to UdG.

Jose Antonio Olvera, from Centre Easy, worked as a junior researcher in Ekosos, Ecuador, for three months. High value results were achieved as Jose Antonio says:

“Important advances were made regarding the main objectives of the Vircoin2SME project, especially regarding analyzing the mechanisms behind the adoption of social, complementary or community virtual currencies, and researching on the potential impact of digital innovation and alternative currencies development in social, environmental and economic sustainability. In this sense, a new model has been proposed using digital preservation technologies. It has been defined a module that is composed in two main parts:

In one hand, there will be a service that allows the digital preservation of any of the files that the users can upload in the system, either in form of image, audio, video or text, all related with the tourist territory.

On the other hand, there will be a tourist service composed by businesses and people from this territory that offer some tourist attraction. These two parts will be related through a social network where may be carried out different actions by using a virtual currency named PRESERVA.”

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