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01 Jun

Secondments based on the exchange of knowledge and cooperative collaboration

Daniel Tito Moscoso (Ekosos´ Advisory Manager) participated in a first secondment to Fraunhofer IDMT during the period comprehended between 27.07 and 09.10.2015. His collaboration as a junior researcher of Vircoin2SME project was focused in the design and development of 3 – 4 different business model schemes for promoting socioeconomic development in SME networks related to health and tourism sector within a virtual approach.

These draft models were carried out after studying the State of Art in Complementary Currencies CC and as a continuation of a previous initial model developed by Gyorgy Nagy during the first IDMT secondment to Ekosos earlier between march – may the same year.

The joint work and activities between the Ekosos and IDMT researchers allowed important contributions for Vircoin2SME project during the first year not only regarding business models performance, but also in terms of shifting knowledge, real life experiences as well as understanding different CC systems based in economic, politic and geographic perspectives.

Daniel Tito M. continues working as part of the research team in Vircoin2SME project. He is currently doing a secondment at UdG (based in Gerone,Spain).

The ongoing activities during this time are related to joint collaboration with UdG, UNAB, IDMT and Easy secondees focused in the analysis and establishment of barriers for CC development at all levels (through workshops and intern meetings) as well as other tasks in progress related to fine-tune some of the final business model proposals.

The objectives for this secondment are also related to identify means for overcoming the barriers previously mentioned (by performing studies and data analysis as well as supported in the final business model proposals). These contributions are planned to be completed with all the consortium members before the final phase of the Vircoin2SME project where last deliverables, impact and dissemination activities will be carried out.

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