About us



Our goal

Our goal is to create leaders in technological innovation and develop research projects connected to the real world. Our researchers are our key elements to succeed in this task.

Our spirit

Centre Easy has been working for over 15 years in basic research  in the artificial intelligence combined with technology transfer in many applied research projects.

We collaborate!

Centre Easy works closely with other research institutions and organizations from all over the world from different disciplines. Collaboration is the best way to innovate!



We regularly look for candidates to lead research projects and join our team. If you would like to start your carreer in a young and innovative  environment and have the passion and enthusiasm for digital technologies… Centre Easy can be an exciting opportunity that you can’t miss!

Research Team

Our team is formed by active researchers in a wide variety of fields relating to Artificial Intelligence.

TECNIO Centre Easy has a team of 8 full-time researchers and other students who collaborate in different research projects.


R+D Manager. Víctor helps companies conceive and come up with innovative ideas through the use of t...


Innovation manager and technology enthusiast with a strong background in Electronics and Automation ...


Senior project manager. Xavi is an expert developer with extensive knowledge on programming language...


IT Developer. Jordi manages several innovation projects, both public and private funded projects. He...


Software Developer. Adrià is currently finishing his final year of studies and counts with two year...


Víctor is a software developer with a professional experience of over 10 years in both academic and...


Andres El-Fakdi is assistant professor and researcher in the Department of Electrical Engineering, E...


Marketing Manager. Belén is an expert in managing marketing & communication strategies of the...


Project Manager Officer. With a background in Business Administration and International Cooperation,...


The TECNIO Centre Easy Director is Dr PepLluis de la Rosa, MSc and Ph.D. in Computer Engineering fro...


Roser has always been interested in Economics and Political Science. She has been working for three ...


 An uncertain approach to sentiment prediction in text-based context   In this thesis, we adop...


Inverse Auctions in Digital Preservation. Inverse Multiunit & Combinatorial auctions - Digital pres...


Certified by TECNIO

TECNIO is the umbrella brand for Catalan Technology Centres and University Research groups dedicated to industrial research and technology transfer


  • Offers acces to cutting edge R&D capabilities: key technologies and knowledge for improving your business competitive position.
  • Meets the technology needs of your company in order to help you develop new products and services.
  • Provides you with a wide range of support services for technological innovation, selected under rigorous quality criteria.
  • Increases the scope of your technology projects by means of consortium projects and the search for technology and strategic partners.
  • Helps drive the international projection of your company, thanks to a global network of contacts and participation in international innovation projects.
  • Provides flexibility in R&D expediture by adapting to your immediate and recurrent needs, while providing acces to state-of-the-art technology.
  • Facilitates access to local, national and international sources of funding.
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