The objective of ANSwER is to develop an intelligent technological solution that combines social networks and systems such as CRM and ERP in order to discover value of opinions, emotions and attitudes of users on social media channels. The goal is to explore what are the contexts that provide the most significant measures for marketing purposes.

Project Details

Semantic analysis of opinions.

The platform will develop the semantic analysis of opinions, combining the linguistic analysis and the semantic annotation. We will analyze sentences on social networks and conversations in chat forums, rejecting unoriginal content in order to obtain the most reliable measurements. This will allow the obtaintion of the main elements of content with semantic value.

Detect the relevant information in context.

Answer will generate graphics of interest, taking into account retweets, likes, shares, favorites, etc. and social graphs taking into account existing contact lists on the network. This will define measures of relevance. Likewise, the visual information in videos and images that users share online will be taken into account in order to extract context information that can’t be obtained through analyzing text.