Digital preservation (DP) represents the management of digital information over time to guarantee their accessibility and preserved quality. It includes processes and activities that ensure access to information and all types of records, scientific and cultural heritage that is stored in digital formats.

DURAFILE can ensure that their information will remain available in the future, no matter how the technology evolves or current data formats become obsolete.

Digital preservation offers assurance that digital information can be accessed continuously at any time and across shifts of technical generations that occur approximately every 5 to 15 years. The DURAFILE social features represent a unique approach to digital preservation as the knowledge base grows with its usage.

DURAFILE will improve the competitiveness of the European economy in several ways:

  • Tapping into a huge market potential due to the vast potential user list and exponential growth of digital data.
  • First-mover advantage in comparison to non-European countries that are not using DURAFILE.