The initiative Fesedit consists in contacting (via phone and/or internet) someone who is going to make a similar route in order to do it together. It is a dynamic system that lets users get connected in real time and that allows last minute changes and even to follow the position of driver and passengers via GPS.

The main goals are:

  • To contribute to a better environment.
  • To provide social benefits.
  • To reduce and to optimize the economic costs.
  • To meet new people that study or work in your area.
  • To ensure reliability and trust among users, who are mainly from university community.
  • To join an innovative pioneer carpooling in Catalonia and Spain.

We do not want people to use the car so much. So Fesedit makes it possible to share a car to go to work, to study, to go shopping, or to do any other activity. Hitchhiking was abandoned due to the lack of trust and reliability, but with new technologies and social media we can reinvent it and turn it into a sustainable, safe and economical way of travelling.

Fesedit operates in 6 different communities in Spain (universities and administration). Fesedit is a good option promoting people’s mobility by reducing the usage of private cars. It actually takes part of an innovative carpooling project pioneer both in Catalonia and Spain.

The programme is very easy to use: you only have to open the route you want to do (both source and destination). Automatically you contact the person who can make the trip and you have the option to accept it or to reject it. It also has an intelligent assessment system and you can even monitor via GPS the position while you are waiting.