The project uses a bottom-up approach for which the negotiation of digital preservation expenses will depend on the need of every object to be preserved (Bottom-Up approach).

MIDPoint addresses problems such as thedesign of an object that needs preservation as well as the definition, development andexploitation of the micro-offer within the framework of digital preservation.

In this project technology is developed in order to implement the essential aspects of self-preservation, the micro-negotiation resulting from bottom-up budget management of preservation and the pre-sales to accelerate the introduction of digital preservation in the market.

This new concept changes digital objects into new actors in their own long term digital preservation (LTDP) with a new definition of the digital object, the Cost Aware Digital Object (CADO), which has a budget to compete with other CADOs and to negotiate the consumption of digital preservation and curate services and to achieve its own long-term digital preservation.