SPARKS (Search Powered by Agents for Reliable Knowledge Through Social Networks) is a social search project that works to improve the search for information process using semantic tools.

SPARKS wants users to obtain high quality answers, and it wants to refine the accuracy of results and to reduce the time spent to search for information, for example, within the intranets of companies and organizations that manage huge amounts of information. Therefore, the answers’ quality will increase as well as the relevance and accuracy of results. Besides, the time spent on looking for information will be reduced.

Project Details

SPARKS wants to be a new useful searching tool for users, a tool based on social networks, personal agents and semantic tools. SPARKS’ intelligence depends on its personal agents that will allow:

  • To track users and create customized profiles.
  • To adapt to users’ needs.
  • To use and define trust and reputation levels on the information sources.
  • To manage multiple ontologies and solve problems.
  • To improve the access to network data that is not optimized with SEM (Search Engine Marketing).
  • To contact multiple agents and personal opinions and discern trust levels on these different opinions.
  • To find information from different sources and even from other agents.

Proyecto con referencia: TSI-020100-2011-428