Paulo Carrillo

Research topic

 Inverse Auctions in Digital Preservation. Inverse Multiunit & Combinatorial auctions



Digital preservation is a big research line that are focus on handle and maintain different kind of files along the time to ensure that those files can be accessed at any time in a long periods of time. There are different ways to do this process according to many facts: since how to opened according to the file type until the need to maintain the same content along the time.

Based on the previous paragraph many kind of services were born and any users that needs to save a file along the time have to get some of them at any moment and for now it could be expensive to many people to acquire them, for this reason is important to implement some kind of negotiation process that allows to reduce costs without the need of a central institution to control it. The process of doing auctions allows to manage the process of digital preservation with some intelligence, this is done according to a budget assigned to each file and also according to the amount of services that enjoys the environment and optimizes some digital preservation feature of a file type.

    • Social Currencies. Right now i’m checking the state of the art of social currencies, digital currencies, cryptocurrencies and similars.


Last published articles

Evaluating Auction Mechanisms for the Preservation of Cost-Aware Digital Objects Under Constrained Digital Preservation Budgets

Year: 2015

Authors: Jose Antonio Olvera, Paulo Nicolás Carrillo, Josep Lluis de la Rosa

Reference: Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries Volume 9316 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp: 334-337.


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