Blockchain or Distributed Ledger Technologies and Artificial Intelligence

02 Jun

Message from the Guest Editor Dr. Josep Lluís de la Rosa:

Blockchain and AI are trending and disruptive post-digita technologies that work symbiotically. Blockchain technology has moved forward from the automation of payment in cryptocurrency towards shared ledgers of data, transactions, and logs in a decentralized, secure, and trusted manner that re-enables the development of a great deal of AI theory that lacked proper data and infrastructure —notably machine learning, intelligent agents, computational ecosystems, and so on.

This Special Issue of Electronics will solicit papers on various disciplines of electronics applications, including but not limited to:

• The practical applications of AI and DLT;
• Reinforcement learning and DLT;
• Intelligent agents and multiagent systems and DLT;
• Digital preservation with AI and DLT;
• New theories on use owners with AI and DLT;
• Extension of smart contracts with AI properties;
• Softbots in the ledger space.


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